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Get your affiliate marketing program off the ground – today – with ShareASale. Our solution provides a low barrier to entry for start ups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to launch an affiliate program of their own.


Leverage our sophisticated attribution solutions and commission flexibility to create a truly customized affiliate program. Our white-label technology can solve any partnership need or online retail scenario.

Agency managed

Work with your agency partner to efficiently grow your marketing campaigns through an affiliate program. Our network works with numerous agencies who advocate and drive merchant businesses to success.

Build a custom affiliate program and partner with top publishers

Grow your brand’s reach

User-friendly and intuitive interface

In our dynamic dashboard, discover real-time notifications and program insights that will help you optimize your affiliate partnerships. Innovative tools like automated marketing emails and application rules are designed to save you time while facilitating better communication with your affiliate partners.

Transparent and robust reporting

Keep a steady pulse on your program’s success with our suite of in-depth and customizable reports. Set reports to run on recurring timeframes or explore our new click stream graphs to gain a deeper understanding of affiliate performance relative to other clicks that occur in a single transaction.

Start your performance-based program


Set up tracking

ShareASale offers standard and advanced tracking for mobile, app and web. Our integration with the Awin MasterTag offers a durable, futureproof solution for your business.


Build program

Build your creative inventory, recruit affiliates and utilize our tools to enhance your network presence. Lay the groundwork for a successful affiliate program on our trusted platform by using ShareASale's comprehensive training resources.


Generate sales

Reward partners for referred sales or leads. Because each publisher is unique, assign value as you see fit by fine-tuning your affiliate payouts with our advanced attribution tools.

Partner with leading publishers on our network

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Connect with your target audience

Millions of times every day, we connect brands with their next customer. Affiliate marketing is a form of performance-based marketing that allows publishers (affiliates) to partner with brands to promote their products and services while earning commission for every transaction they influence. Whether your product is apparel and accessories, home décor, pet supplies, or a subscription box, our network of affiliates can help drive meaningful traffic and sales to your website.

  • Access proprietary tools and powerful technology that have led the industry since 2000
  • Make data-driven decisions with our real-time, customizable reports
  • Feel confident with our competitive, affordable and transparent pricing

Quality affiliates

Quality affiliates

Search our directory of affiliates, spanning a range of verticals, to find the right partners for you. We pre-screen all affiliates before they join the network so you can partner with confidence.

Customer-centric approach

Customer-centric approach

Our team operates with our clients’ best interest in mind to help establish and grow ethical, incremental affiliate programs. Now part of Awin, we offer global support across 15 markets around the world.

Powerful technology

Powerful technology

Access our intuitive, robust interface to monitor your campaigns and optimize performance. Our tools help retailers tackle attribution and allow for flexible commissioning to maximize return.

Fraud and compliance protection

Fraud and compliance protection

Our preventive compliance solutions provide vital program security. Gain transparency into your affiliates’ activity and utilize our brand monitoring tools to successfully run your program.

Maximize your affiliate program

Each affiliate program is unique. ShareASale’s wide range of tools are specifically designed to solve the needs of our partners. We have cutting-edge technology to optimize your affiliate partnerships. Our innovative tools give merchant partners the flexibility to have full control on how their program is set up, how to value each affiliate and what information to track. Each solution reveals data-driven insights to propel programs to success.

Attribution solutions

Utilize conversion lines to help reward affiliates for driving specific consumer behavior and optimize commission payouts. Pinpoint exactly which publisher to attribute sales to through the available conditions.

Advanced tracking methods

Track and reward publisher activity based on a number of different scenarios and values – e.g. new customer acquisition, coupon code usage, product-level, mobile, and offline.

Custom commissions

Provide a higher (or lower) commission based on various conditions your publishers must meet using commission rules. This can also be used to create bonus campaigns and incentives for your affiliates.

Cookie-less coupon tracking

Track sales when an exclusive coupon code is used, even if a link has not been clicked.

Identify the best partnerships for your brand

Joining the network gives you access to a diverse range of affiliate partners, from content bloggers and influencers, to mass media publishers, cashback or loyalty sites. As one of the largest networks, we are partnered with the top affiliates in the industry and give you the tools needed to connect and start driving sales.

  • Express Sign Up – Create a custom page to allow publishers to sign up for your merchant program instantly with minimal information
  • Recruitment Tool – Grow your partner base by sending targeted invitations to affiliates based on niche, relevance, and performance criteria, both in-network and out-of-network
  • Affiliate Tagging & Segmentation – A great way to organize your partnerships by creating specialized, targeted activation campaigns. Use tags to pull reports, send newsletters, provide a special commission and even upload creatives that will be available only to specific affiliates

Connect with our expert support team

ShareASale operates under a customer-first mentality and is always prepared to go the extra mile for our clients. We have expert teams who can provide unparalleled insights, support and recommendations to grow and mature an affiliate program on our trusted network.

  • Speak with real people who provide real solutions
  • Expect, consistent and reliable service with timely responses
  • Contact us at any time through our email support system
  • Gain instant (and free!) access to training webinars and resources

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