Welcome Forgotten Skincare Affiliates! We are excited for you to join our program and help others discover FS products. The Original Underarm Brightening Deodorant Cream and The Down Low Inner Thigh Serum are available for purchase on our website and at Urban Outfitters. We offer a competitive payout structure starting at 10% with the opportunity to earn higher commissions. The average sale value is $41.65. About Forgotten Skincare FORGOTTEN SKINCARE STARTED WITH A SIMPLE IDEA: to develop high-quality products for common skin concerns that are uncommonly addressed by the beauty industry. Did you know that about 80,000 people a month search for underarm darkness? Unfortunately, most products available for dark underarms are made with harsh whitening agents like hydroquinone. It's like no one is listening to what you need, but we are! We formulate products with clean ingredients for areas of your body that you may feel are forgotten. We believe that who we are as people should be the only definition of beauty worth discussing. We're so glad you're here and can't wait to be friends! Here's to giving those forgotten places some extra love. Questions? Please reach out to affiliates@forgottenskincare.com and our team is happy to assist.
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