ABOUT Keep it simple. Keep it natural. Humble beginnings keep you honest. Our’s trace back to Ret’s garage. Along with our friends and significant others, we labelled bottles by hand, packed every order, and spent countless hours with customers answering each and every question we received. And then people responded in a big way. Since those early days, we’ve shipped tens thousands of orders and created new lines of products. We’ve been able to set up our ‘Nedquarters’ in Boulder, CO, complete with our own laboratory, a small warehouse and a growing team of extraordinary humans who we’re lucky to call coworkers. Along the way, we’ve also developed a powerful community of like-minded friends and customers, committed to raising awareness of the healing properties of full-spectrum hemp oil and other natural remedies. We’ve committed tens of thousands of dollars to nonprofit organizations like POW and Period.org, planted thousands of trees, sent children to camp, and helped advocate for issues from climate change to wildfire relief. We’ve come a long way in a short time and met so many fantastic people along the way. But life doesn’t sit still and neither can we – we are always searching for new remedies to help people feel better and live better and are dedicated to bringing you the best the natural world has to offer. WANT TO PARTNER WITH US? Our ideal partners will create original content that reaches audiences from all walks of life. We love working with content producers such as bloggers and review sites. We also welcome affiliate partnership with influencers across Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS 10% commission 30 day cookie Affiliate Management Team with 15+ Years Experience Custom Promotions and Campaigns Available CONTACT DETAILS Affiliate Program Management from Tactical Marketing Co. Kendra Bostater, Affiliate Manager kendra@tacticalmarketingco.com
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