PDFBear is an online PDF SaaS Tool meant for everyone to use.

With over 20+ functions available, we are sure to offer the end-user some bang for their buck. Certain functions require a Pro membership to access.

Our website is seamlessly smooth, easy to use and with a naturally simple design, we have made a complicated process turn to just a few clicks for the end-user.

We have priced our website competitively, and we justify this with the features we have available, e.g. There is no other product on the market that will offer unlimited storage for their Pro members when uploading the different file formats.

You should be partnering with us because:
-We offer 75% of all Pro memberships sold.
-90 Days cookie duration, which gives your returning users a very big chance of signing up in that period.
-Expect a 10% bonus on top of your normal commission when you're a top performer.
-According to our current statistics on average an user will pay $45 from two plans being $9.99 and $99.99; in other words, you have a high probability of converting users to $99.99

The user group has ranged from small businesses to lawyers to students. This gives a demographic age of 18-60.
Everyone in this walk of life uses PDF and will eventually be using a tool if they do not have Adobe premium membership (which costs $14.99 and lacks the all around tools we have available).

We look forward working with you.

Account manager:
Name: Henrick
Email: henrick@pdfbear.com