Brand Introduction

KoalaGP is global manufactor on production of printed personalized items.We are mainly specialzed in photo papers,sublimation products, transfer papers, and other many accessories. KoalaGP is well known for its superb quality and unique technique ,the repurchasing rate and retention rate is leading the industry.

Why promote Koala Paper?

--Superb quality Material Guaranteed

--A wide range of product lines for your choice

--Free Shipping

--High repurchase & Retention rateĀ 

--AOV:around $95

Program Details:

--10% share of commission on every order

--Customized creatives,exclusive code,rich product feeds

--60 days Cookie Duration

--Irregular surprise incentives

--Monthly newsletter with updates on promotion

We are dedicated to provide any assistance once you needed,please feel free to contact Lauren( at your earliest convenience.

Looking forward to working with you.

KoalaGP Affiliate Program