Hi, I'm Brooke, the founder of Daily Habit, the first full spectrum CBD powder on the market. As a dietitian and cannabis practitioner, I couldn't find a CBD brand that met my criteria, so I made my own. Daily Habit combines the effectiveness of organically grown, full-spectrum CBD with the health benefits of MCT, all in the convenient form of a dry powder. CBD is the ultimate wellness vitamin and Daily Habit is the perfect supplement for anyone looking to improve their health and feel better. As an affiliate, you'll be able to provide your customers with a legitimate CBD product, while getting a 15% commission on each sale. Our CBD products range from $39.99 to $69, with our average customer order being around $55.00. Daily Habit's social media, website and newsletters are filled with reliable and trustworthy information which makes it easy for you to promote to your customers. Our demographic has great range - women and men, ages 25-55 are a great customer base. In addition, athletes, anyone with sleep issues or anxiety, or dealing with stress are all great customers for Daily Habit. Please note - we are only able to within the US.