Welcome to our affiliate program

SafeAndCleanMenus.com is a simple site specifically for the design and printing of paper menus. With Covid-19 many consumers are not comfortable with re-usable menus. We offer an alternative. Paper menus, not glossy or laminated, designed and printed using CDC best practices with gloves, facemasks, and cleaning printing equipment daily.

The site is primarily targeted to restaurants but salons, bars, cafe, and anyone else that needs to present a service offering in person with a clean and safe menu perfect for one time use or recycling after each guest.

This video will help you, to understand the offering and production. https://youtu.be/rcPhANbce9A

Salient Features of our affiliate program

a) $20 per sale (No capping on commissions )
b) Free to join
c) Access to fresh and regularly updated promotional inventory including coupons, deals banners, newsletters
d) Dedicated Affiliate Management team

If you have any queries regarding our affiliate program or products please feel free to contact us at affiliates@verapax.com