Introducing TravelClean, the travel kit designed to keep the dirt and grime of other people and passengers off of you. Our mission is to bring together people through convenient and efficient products and build a safer, healthy world to live in.

TravelClean affiliate program details:

- 25% commission
- 60 day cookie
- AOV $100
- Free Shipping on orders over $75
- Up to 50% off multi-pack orders

TravelClean has curated an essential set of recyclable, personal protection equipment in a convenient kit to help you stay healthy and safe when traveling. Each kit is heat-sealed for safety, and is small enough that you can easily pack them in your luggage or personal carry-on.

Each disposable kit contains a protective seat shield made of soft, durable and recyclable fabric to separate you from the germs, viruses, sweat, smells and who knows what else from the thousands that sat there before you.

TravelClean also contains a protective surgical face mask, disposable rubber gloves, tough, hypoallergenic booties to keep your feet germ-free when you take off your shoes. Plus 4 sanitizing wipes to clean your hands, and unsanitary surfaces.

TravelClean also provides protection when you’re on a bus, train, rental car, and even in a movie theater.