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Virtually instant Remote Keyless Entry For Your Existing Home Door! Instalock will TURN YOUR DUMB LOCK INTO A SMART LOCK In seconds!

Instalock is a patented, simple, easy to install remote keyless entry system for your home door that transforms your existing door lock into a remote controlled door. Instalock is a unique patented system that attaches over your existing deadbolt thumb turn on the inside of your door using NO TOOLS for installation!

For condo owners and tenants alike, Instalock solves the age-old problem of having to use a key. Instalock works with the existing lock and installs on the inside of your home door thereby allowing a keyless entry without breaking the tenant or condo association rules.

For added convenience Instalock is also offered with a 4-digit keypad and proximity remote as additional ways to operate your unit without using a key. And YES! your key still works as it normally would.

Instalock utilizes the same technology as your automobiles remote control. It is 100% secure utilizing rolling code technology. Every time you press the remote button the code changes for 100% total security. It is 100% reliable, easy to install, and less expensive than other smart locks on the market.

For homeowners who use their front door as an entry way to their home; Instalock is an inexpensive, convenient way to have keyless entry without having to change out their existing lock system.

Instalock is inexpensive, reliable, and easy to install.

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