is a new US-based hand-sanitizer subscription service that helps you keep your hands and devices germ free with high-quality, multi-use sanitizer sprays. Clean hands are the foundation of a healthy community; we want to make sure everyone can keep their hands clean.

We’ve created a monthly shipment of WHO formula hand sanitizer at a fair price with a mission to stay well while doing good. Washing your hands is absolutely the best option to clean your hands, and hand sanitizer is the best tool to clean on the go, when washing ‘right now’ isn’t possible.

Our formula is minimum 80% ethanol produced in the USA. No nasties, non-drying, non-sticky, vegan, broad-spectrum antimicrobial hand-helping goodness that will sanitize you and your high-touch surfaces in seconds. Long term we will develop skincare grade hand sanitizer, but in order to get a reliably safe product to market quickly, we are launching with the WHO approved formula.