Cake is a line of sexual wellness products including organic lubricants and hygiene products tailored specifically to how couples like to get down. Want to become a partner? Here’s how it works: For every sale you are responsible for, you will receive 10% commission of that sale. Cake's product line includes: So-lo Lotion: A moisturizing cream for solo play for penis play. Tush Cush: A light, water-based jelly for beginner anal play. Toy Joy: A non-drip water-based jelly toy play. Backside Slide: A premium ultra-slide silicone lubricant for anal play. Organic Aloe: An organic aloe-based lubricant ideal for vaginal play. Feel Fresh: Cleanliness wipes intended for pre and post sex clean up Each product is alcohol free, paraben free, dye free, sulfate free and free of any added fragrance. Cake believes people should have specialized, high quality products tailor-made to their personal sexual preferences and activities. Check out for more details or email