Welcome to your new Beast® routine. The shower is your space, your temple. There, the only three words you need to know are these: Turn it up. Turn up the energy, electricity and intensity. Turn up the raw, natural botanicals. Turn. It. Up. At Beast Brands, we create personal care and grooming products for Beasts of all kinds. Our all-in-one Tame the Beast® body washes, shampoos and conditioners, soaps, lotions and shaving supplies feature arousing scents and energizing properties, and are produced in the U.S.A. with globally sourced ingredients. Their stimulating scents are derived from all-natural, intense botanicals you can feel—good stuff from the earth like eucalyptus, ginseng, guarana, green tea, pomegranate, bakuchiol and moringa. We’re earth friendly (check out our reusable, infinitely recyclable Beast Bottle and smellcoming scents packed with sustainably sourced ingredients), intimacy positive, and celebrate all Beasts. Whatever skin you’re in, our products aim to make you feel happier there. Member, 1% for the Planet. Produced in the USA with globally-sourced ingredients. Cruelty-free formulas (no Beasts were harmed making our products).