Carne Collective is the first direct-to-consumer Argentinian beef delivery service in the U.S., and one of the first wholesalers since the ban on Argentinian beef imports was uplifted in 2019. Carne Collective looks to capitalize on the country-wide shortages of beef during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised beef that is without hormones or antibiotics direct to the consumer's door. Our Mission is to become the standard for the highest quality grass-fed Angus beef at an affordable price to the consumer with minimal to no impact on the environment. Carne Collective is the next household name in the fast-growing grass-fed beef market. We’re committed to never compromising our product and only selecting the best Angus cattle for processing, which is not commonplace in the grass-fed market. The grass-fed label in the industry only describes what the cattle ate, but not the actual quality of the cattle. Unlike their grain-fed counterparts that are graded on a scale of Select, Choice, and Prime, there is no such grading system for grass-fed. Carne Collective is establishing the standard for grass-fed beef. We purchase directly from the farms and slaughterhouses in Argentina and control the processing and fulfillment to get our product to the consumer faster and fresher than if the consumer purchased from their local market. Argentina is known to have some of the best beef available anywhere in the world. We offer 3 subscription models plus 11 different meat cuts for the consumer to choose from. We offer an 8% commission on the money spent by the user on the platform. Our average order value is $146 USD.