The Rabbit Hole Designs was founded in 2018 by real life crafter MaryAnn. She officially launched her company with the very 1st release in January of 2019 and have experienced monthly sales gains since inception. She wanted to bring a fresh approach to the stamp and craft industry with stamps that hadn't been seen yet and sayings that were sassy & a little snarky without being offensive to the average crafter or the recipient. Currently TRHD has an average sale of $44.00 per customer. New releases on the last Monday of every month with inspiration hops for our customers. As an affiliate you will enjoy a start up percentage of 9%. After your first $500 in affiliate sales you will go up to 10% and for every $1000 in affiliate sales thereafter you will gain another 1%. Our affiliate cap is 15%. We will provide a 15 day tracking cookie to all affiliates in the program. The Rabbit Hole Designs is committed to working with their affiliates and will repost any projects that are made to our social media platforms which includes Instagram, our company Facebook page, our company website and our Facebook fan page. In closing The Rabbit Hole Designs wants you to know that they currently experience 100% customer satisfaction. We have never lost a package to a customer, including all International customers. So if you feel that this is a company that you would like to align yourself with that puts the customers first, we invite you to apply.