CollegeMeister is one of world’s most trusted sources of expert and unfiltered undergraduate admissions coaching. Families from around the world that want the best and most personalized college admissions guidance turn to CollegeMeister for one-on-one college admissions coaching and consulting services that are unsurpassed by anyone, anywhere. Our founder, Craig Meister, has been featured as a college admissions, counseling, and education expert in a diverse array of international publications including The New York Times, FoxBusiness, CNBC, USA TODAY, US News, The New York Post, Univision, Telemundo, The Christian Science Monitor, and many more. How has Craig become one of the world’s most trusted sources of expert and unfiltered undergraduate admissions guidance? The answer is quite simple: his results. He teaches students how to earn their way into the colleges of their choice. In the process, all CollegeMeister clients realize their goals and reach their potential.


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Thank you for your interest in the CollegeMeister Affiliate program. Students and parents, no matter their background or starting level of familiarity with the world of college admissions, deserve expert guidance as they navigate the American college admissions process. When students and parents have college admissions questions, CollegeMeister provides expert and personalized answers. Connect students and parents with the information that they want and need to realize their goals and reach their potential - and make money while doing so.


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