Who We Are

UCode builds strong computational thinking skills through teaching coding. In an economy driven by knowledge, computational thinking helps students build a bridge to the future & prepares them for a world very different than today.

Our Experiential Curriculum builds skills through solving coding challenges - an approach that teaches "process", not memorization of "content" and builds capabilities.

Our broad curriculum caters to those who have never coded, to those who are advanced students, & everyone in between. Our live online instruction was developed in partnership with Cornell University faculty and features assessment tools that measure a student's learning progress. Measurement is critical to ensuring that we are meeting a student's learning goals.

We are adding hundreds of students a month. Join us and help our kids build the skills they need for the future. Make a high return on your resources. It is a win win.

For more information, contact michael@ucode.com.

Why Partner With UCode?

  1. We are nationally recognized & the only provider certified by an Ivy League University.
  2. Our curriculums build strong foundations in coding and in computational thinking.
  3. Assessment plays a large part & we are unique in our ability to measure a student's leaning progress.

Program Details

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