Nine Stars Botanical sells Herbal products for Immune support, Skin care, Pain and Women's Health. These are naturally derived from Chinese Herbs, using the highest quality herbs, tested in the USA. They has a loyal and health motivated client base with an average sale of $88. We are offering a 10% commission to affiliates.

Nine Stars makes the healing potential of Chinese herbs easy and understandable for customers.All of our remedies are made in the US, by Chinese herbalists with over 25 years of clinical experience.

During the Covid Crisis we have created a popular line of Immune Support tinctures and teas, protective KN95 masks, hand sanitizers and unique herbal inserts for masks. We also sell a while line of skin care derived from Chinese herbs: creams, salves, remedies. We have very popular herbal liniments for pain relief and menstrual issues.

Really unique and effective products for your customers which will bring repeat sales and enhance your reputation as a purveyor of artisanal high quality health promoting products. Join us!