We’re looking for strong partners to promote CPBS™ or Certified Pharmacy Benefits Specialist on their websites/blogs and earn commissions on sales made through those promotions.

Are you an online blogger or website owner who loves human resources, continuous learning, pharmacy or employee benefits? Do you talk about such topics in your daily life, blog posts, videos, or tweets? Then you’re in good company, because we do too.

Consider joining the Certified Pharmacy Benefits Specialist affiliate marketing program. Make money doing what you love, and most likely, what you’re already doing.

Affiliate Program FAQ’s

How Do I Join Your Affiliate Program?
Just jump over to ShareaSale.com and sign up.

How Will I Get Paid?
We pay affiliates via ShareaSale.com.

How Do I Know if Your Product is High Quality?
That’s a great question! While we fully believe in our offering and we’ve had excellent feedback from our subscribers, you can visit our testimonial page and read what actual students say about our program.

Does Cost Anything to Become an Affiliate?
Nope. It’s free to join our affiliate program. There’s no fees associated with applying and there’s no minimum amount of sales required to remain an affiliate.

How Much Can I Expect to Earn?
That is 100% up to you. Your potential commission depends on your ability to drive traffic and buyers to our theme store. We don’t put a limit on your commission amount. We payout the industry standard of 10% commissions on every paid registration (sale).

Are Websites or Blogs Outside of the U.S. Eligible For Participation in the Affiliate Program? Of course! We believe in a “more the merrier” type of approach.

Can I Promote Your Offering on More Than One Website or Blog?
We’re back to the more the merrier approach. You can certainly use more than one blog or website to drive links and build up your commissions. The only thing we ask is that your website or blog be of quality, use white hat SEO practices, and not be in violation of any known rules or regulations.

How Do I know if My Blog or Website Will Be Eligible?
Most blogs and websites will qualify for our affiliate program. We do, however, reserve the right to refuse affiliates or cancel your affiliate status if we believe your website, blog, or tactics violate the program or contain unacceptable content.

Do You Allow Coupon Websites as Affiliates?
Unfortunately no, we don't allow coupon websites to join our affiliate program.