Grinfer Affiliate Program

Briefly About Grinfer


Grinfer is the all-in-one global marketplace for selling online courses, mentoring, and consulting. The main purpose of the platform is to help people looking to advance their knowledge, learn something new, or even start a new career.  We help learners worldwide to acquire hands-on skills in a wide range of domains by offering a great variety of online courses in Technology, Photography, Business, Marketing, Design, Beauty & Makeup, Personal Development, Music, and more. 


How is it different from other learning platforms? 

Grinfer combines the 2 most effective formats of learning: 


These 2 approaches have proved themselves as the most effective ways for a self-paced customized learning process. Grinfer offers a convenient combination of online courses and individual lessons with a teacher under one roof to help students absorb practical skills at their own pace and the way that works best for them. 


Before you start

On Grinfer you can browse hundreds of courses taught by professional instructors on any topic. The Grinfer marketplace covers anything students might be interested in learning from courses on fitness, beauty and launching your T-shirt business, to personal development and professional growth. 

Once students sign up for the platform, they can learn by watching on-demand courses, find a personal teacher or expert and get individual lessons or combine these 2 formats to get better results from learning.


Marketplace For Teaching

We work with teachers and consultants. The feedback gained from instructors clearly shows that Grinfer is the most convenient and comprehensive platform to teach and enlighten, either by selling courses or providing 1-on-1 consultations. Teachers and experts can easily join Grinfer to market, sell, and deliver knowledge and skills to people worldwide as no special certificates or diplomas are required. Grinfer gives any professional in any domain an opportunity to share experience and get paid.


Grinfer Affiliate Program

Grinfer offers an online affiliate program: