Nirvana CBD is looking to expand its market share in the growing and emerging hemp-derived CBD market through new and exciting channels. All of our products are Broad Spectrum CBD oil-based products that have no detectable limits of THC. The benefit of using Broad Spectrum products allows the person the full benefit of the whole plant and all its cannabinoids. CBD may help with anxiety, inflammation, sleep, among many other things. Affiliate marketing is a segment that we decided is a great sales channel that bypasses the distributors and retailers and connects us directly to the consumer.

Our Website

Our Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate program is aimed at offering high affiliate rates to those who choose to work with us on growing the brand. We have a diverse product catalog that allows the consumer to find something that works for them.

Benifits of the Program

35% Commission Rate

We want to make sure that all our affiliates are taken care of and are motivated to move the brand. So we placed our commisions at 35% to go along with great margins.

Average Order $105

With a fast growing industry and supply on damand the average sale on our site is $105 dollars.

Auto-Deposit On

We have auto-deposits turned on so that you get your money right away.

Variety of Products

CBD Oils

We have CBD Oils in 500mg and 1000mg and also include a CBD Shot that is 33mg for a quick and effective dose.

CBD Gummies

Our Nirvana CBD Gummies are very popular, we offer a jar of 500mg, a 5 Pack of CBD Gummies and a Single Pack of CBD gummies.

CBD Topicals

Popular and trusted by Athletes we offer our Topicals which include or Body lotion and our Muscle Recovery Lotion and our Award winning Roll - On

CBD Capsules

 We offer 3 sets of Capsules 1 CBD + Curcumin (Turmeric) Bottle of Capsules, a CBD + Melotonin CBD Oil Capsules and a Natural CBD Oil Capsules bottle all with 750mg of Quality.