Who We Are

We are the premier online community of people who grow their own food, make medicine, and build real community resilience. The purpose of the business is to stop the destruction of the Earth. Our catalyzing statement is "homegrown food on every table". Our values are: Freedom, Simplicity, Usefulness, Regeneration, Soil, Sunlight, and Water.

TGN was founded in 2009 and is being built as a 100 year company to guide humanity though the most challenging time in history. Over the coming years and decades we are building “the Growers Arc” which is a journey of products and information to take someone who is completely dependent on industrial systems to being able to produce half of their own food, make medicines to care for 90% of their own healthcare needs, to building soil, contributing to our collective self-reliance skills, and ultimately creating a legacy for themselves by developing genetics with useful new varieties of plants and animals.

For more information, contact linzi@thegrownetwork.org.

Why Partner With The Grow Network?

  1. Our products & information are backed by our years of experience.
  2. Our goal is to be the change we wish to see in the world.
  3. We take extra strides to source herbs and supplies locally.

Program Details

Commission Rate: 30%
Cashback Site Commission: 5%
Affiliates have the opportunity to earn a commission increase, reach out for more details.
Homegrown Food Summit Products Commission: 50%
Non-Commissionable Item: 2020 Home Grown Food Summit - Printed
Cookie Duration: 30 Days
Terms: TM, TM + keyword bidding, & Direct Linking are all allowed within the US, International promotion of herbal/plant items are prohibited


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