Profit While Making A Difference In The World By Helping Us Deliver The Most Powerful Ancient Healing Plants To Those In Need!

Dear Potential Partner,

We’re excited to have you promote our SOL*CBD products.

As you are sitting here, reading this letter, it is clear that you already understand the value you are bringing your tribe, to us, but most importantly – to yourself.

THAT is why you have been invited to support our mission to revolutionize healthcare as we know it. We are a values-first company that measures our success by how many lives are impacted by our proprietary technology that powers our products.

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Ambassadors with an authority presence in health, wellness, diet, medical, pain/ailment,
and any other niche where your people would BENEFIT from feeling better.

SOL*CBD is a cutting edge health technology company providing the highest quality CBD to the marketplace.

We are feeling incredibly excited to deliver a product that is…

  1. Produced with the highest standards creating a full spectrum CBD that people rave about.
  2. Safe. We make sure our products are lab tested.
  3. Affordable. We do our best to make our products available at the most competitive prices.
  4. Supported with ongoing followup to make sure our customers are ecstatic.

We believe this is the greatest medical breakthrough of our time; and have been testing and validating this for quite some time now. We are now ready to share it with the world, and with your help, our IMPACT will be much greater

You will earn up to a generous 20% within our program.

We will provide the landing pages, email creatives, advertising creatives and will followup with those that order and/or opt in with valuable educational content.

Why do we make it this easy? The answer is simple. Because…

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You see, we here at SOL*CBD provide:


SOL*CBD is here to help people break free from our broken sick care system. The goal is to provide a powerful tool that will give their body what it needs to be healthy. It's based on rock solid science, and they will jump for joy when YOU are the one to bring it to their doorstep.


You will earn 20% commission on each sale.


We have a full line of products on which we will educate your people. You will get paid once they purchase any of our product(s).


We are using Shareasale's precise affiliate system to track and handle every aspect of our sales and follow up process. Our backend is 100% rock solid so all you have to do is click "Send" on the email swipes we provide and enjoy watching the dollars come rolling in.


You will be handed swipe emails to simply mail out in sequence to our proven and tested landing pages. Leave the rest of the selling to us, as we send value driven action emails to your leads from the inside.


Your success is our success. We want to send you some of the best commissions you've ever received; and they will be accurate and on time.

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