About our campaign We are looking for partners with a strong voice and a great aesthetic to partner with our brand. Yesterday is a premium CBD wellness company on a mission to offer a natural source of relief to help with life’s everyday stresses. About Yesterday Yesterday is a wellness company that offers premium CBD products focused on the interconnection of optimal wellbeing and plant therapy. All of our products are grown from organic hemp, third-party tested for purity and potency, cruelty free and are crafted with an emphasis on sustainability. We are focused on reminding women of their innate strength and providing them with the tools they may need to step back into their power. Our customers are mainly women, aged 30-55, who suffer from symptoms of stress that manifest in diverse forms: be it mental, physical or both. Education is a key part of our brand. Many of our customers are first time users of CBD and it is important for us that we can provide them with the information they need to feel secure in their decision to trust both us, and our products. Here is our website for reference: www.yesterdaywellness.com Working Together We are a new and upcoming brand looking to build our audience. We are open to adjusting/scaling our commission program to meet our partner's own ROI requirements. Just ask! CPA: 20% with room to grow! Cookie Duration: 45 Days AOV: $60 Contact: Dylan@advertisepurple.com