One of the original manufacturers of custom iPad and iPhone cases, DODOcase remains an industry leader by fostering creativity while protecting inspired human endeavors from extinction. Each product is meticulously made by hand using traditional craft techniques developed hundreds of years ago. Our growing team of professional bookbinders, sewers and silk screeners share a common vision of striving for excellence and creating quality products. And we live by our motto: Traditional craftsmanship for today's technology.

Along with our beautiful stock lines what makes us unique is we also offer a customizer on our website where a client can actually go design the entire iPad or iPhone case themselves. With over 400,000 possible combinations their case can be designed exactly the way they want and to fit their personality. And since our craftsmen hand turn each case care, detail, and quality is poured into everyone.

With a customer base covering the United States, Europe, Asia and everywhere in between, we are a global brand that remains timeless and fashionable. As we continually develop new products and designs, DODOcase remains a trendsetter in the iPad and iPhone case industry.

With the recent purchase of some new equipment we have also made a defined goal to bring new designs, limited time designs, an new products to the market. We always stay on top of Apple's newest models and start producing products immediately.

We are currently offering 5% over 180 days on any products.

Visit our website at for a full product offerings and make sure you take a run through our iPad Customizer ( and our iPhone Customizer (