Welcome to the Mosaic ambassador program!

Mosaic is a subscription service that delivers healthy, ready-to-heat, plant-centric meals right to your door.

We start with farm-fresh veggies sourced near our kitchen in New York's Hudson Valley. Our expert chefs chop, peel, and dice our ingredients by hand, then carefully season, roast, and sautee them. The end result: delicious, satisfying, and healthy meals that are packed with veggies and delivered to you.

We ship all of our meals frozen to lock in nutrients and maintain ultimate freshness throughout their trip to our customers' homes. We never use any artificial ingredients or preservatives — our food is 100% real.

Oh, and we almost forgot! Our packaging is 100% recyclable, and for every box we sell, we work with the non-profit City Harvest to rescue 2 pounds of nutritious food and distribute it to New Yorkers in need. This means that every Mosaic meal you eat is a win-win-win. Please reach out to dorine@deodato.co for any affiliate inquiries