Teracube Socially Conscious Consumer Electronics.

Teracube is on a mission to create devices that last longer to give you peace of mind while providing a healthier smartphone ownership experience for both the user and the environment. Teracube’s 4-year warranty promises high performance for years to come — not only eliminating the need to buy a new phone every other year but also significantly helping to reduce the amount of electronic waste. The Teracube Thrive (coming soon) is a safe phone for kids with built-in parental controls. Teracube has a fast octa-core processor, takes beautiful pictures, is made with recycled plastic, includes a replaceable battery, and runs all your apps on the latest stock (bloatware-free) Android! An all-inclusive, cutting-edge smartphone experience at an affordable price.

Benefits for Teracube 2e Customers:

Benefits for Teracube Thrive - A Safe Phone For Kids:

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