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Welcome to Beddley, inventors of the Revolutionary Easy-Change Duvet Cover. This is the World's Easiest Duvet Cover! Our product is innovative and life-changing, a guaranteed solution to an everyday problem. Patented.

Stuffing a duvet into a duvet cover is a very frustrating task.  It's time-consuming and challenging to do. Making a bed does not have to be complicated or stressful. At Beddley, we decided to solve this problem and save people from this drudgery. This prompted us to create the Beddley Easy-Change Duvet Cover. 

Unlike any other duvet cover, the Beddley features a three-sided zipper technology that makes inserting your duvet into its cover a breeze like never before! This cover opens wide on three sides with an extra-long high-quality nylon coil zipper. No more stuffing and shoving the duvet inside!

Time is money, time is precious! This product saves you time, makes your life a whole lot easier and your bed is made in a fraction of the time, effortlessly!


Key Benefits

Easiest. Smartest. Fastest. Patented.

We've Got Our Customers All Covered With Peace Of Mind Bedding.


Key Features



Beddley is top-notch quality, ethically sourced, and made from the finest raw materials. We have zero compromise on quality and our manufacturing process starts from the cotton seeds, while we control the process to the completion of manufacturing. 



-- Domestic Users

Beddley serves a wide audience - women, men, young children, college students, moms, dads, singles, seniors, the healthy, the frail, and the mobility-challenged alike.  

-- Hospitality Industry

Backed by tons of great feedback, we’re especially touched by feedback from people with health challenges or any form of disability. They say Beddley has changed their lives because it's the only way they can independently make their beds and have some form of their dignity restored. Knowing we're truly helping people is very fulfilling for us.

The Beddley Easy-Change duvet cover is a Game-Changer! It is revolutionizing the bedding industry and is now the gold standard for duvet covers. Our customers can't get enough of the Beddley. Visit our website to see some reviews and help us get this amazing product into the hands of multitudes who need it. No one should ever have to struggle with their duvet covers anymore. 

WHY SWEAT!!!!! Beddley has eliminated all duvet cover frustrations.

Multitudes love this product because it delivers on the promise and is helping people across the globe.

We trust that the Beddley Easy-Change Duvet Cover will hugely benefit your audience. 

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We are proud of this life-changing, solution-oriented yet luxury product and know you will be pleased with becoming an Affiliate. Should you have any questions or comments about our Affiliate Program, please reach out to us at HERE.