My name is Beth Costanzo M Ed. and I began my teaching career at the age of 6 when I converted my parents’ garage into a classroom. Desks and blackboards were salvaged from old schools and worksheets were given at the end of each day by all my “teachers”. On my birthday, I didn’t ask for presents, but for items to fill my classroom, such as construction paper, chalk, crayons and markers. Even at a young age I loved being around children and helping them become successful, confident learners.

They say that “necessity is the mother of invention.” That has certainly been true at Woodland Place, the school I have owned and operated since 1996. With almost 25 years of teaching experience, I often created the content that was used in my classroom. I quickly understood that nature was a catalyst for learning and I have always brought that aspect into my curriculum. This type of learning resulted in the creation of The Adventures of Scuba Jack, a learning website that educates children 2-12 years of age.


Our Virtual Field Trips take children 2-12 years of age on amazing learning adventures around the world via their own laptop. They offer opportunities for students to learn about creatures big and small, to visit historical sites, national parks, museums and the arts. This is all done through printed media, story books and videos. This type of learning is transforming education by giving students a window to a world they may not otherwise have the opportunity to explore. To enhance this learning, each video comes with a quiz, crafts and worksheets. Our videos and hands-on reading resources assist parents, teachers and other educators in helping struggling readers build fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills.

It is our goal to take students on Virtual Field Trips around the world and to experience and explore the many possibilities just waiting to be discovered. Equally important, is to create a culture of reading both inside and outside the classroom, that improves children’s literacy development, enabling students to gain the essential skills and knowledge needed to build a strong academic foundation.

For any queries, details, or any other collaborations contact support@divwytechnologies.com We are looking to work with high-potential affiliate networks and are always open to collaborating for mutual benefits.