What is Hooked on Phonics?

Hooked on Phonics® Learn to Read is an award-winning program that has helped over 5 million kids become confident readers. The Learn to Read program is based on research and approved by the Children's Reading Foundation. Designed in conjunction with leading educators, award-winning authors, teachers and parents, Hooked on Phonics® Learn to Read uses a proven, simple, and fun method to give your child a strong foundation in phonics and reading skills.

How does it work?

Because kids learn in different ways, the program includes a variety of multi-sensory tools that appeal to visual, auditory, and experience-based learners. With the Hooked on Phonics® step-by-step approach, kids learn about letters and sounds, learn how to put them together to form words, and then utilize these skills to read great stories and books. Each lesson takes about 20 minutes, making the complete Hooked on Phonics perfect for parents and homeschoolers looking for an effective and fun reading program. Each lesson follows the same approach: Learn, Practice, Read, Celebrate.

Learn: Your child learns to read new words by watching the lesson on the app or online and then reading the new words in the workbook.

Practice: Your child then practices reading the new sound combinations and words in the workbook. This will reinforce the lesson and provide a tangible application.

Read: Now your child puts it all together and is ready to read a great story. Every storybook is composed of words that your child has learned to read so far in the program.

Celebrate: Celebrate success after each lesson by placing a sticker in the workbook. This also provides a helpful marker to remember where to begin next time.

This multi-sensory approach makes the program ideal for learners of all types, as well as parents and homeschoolers who want to help their children become confident, lifelong readers!

Why should I sign up?

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Ryan Moore
Affiliate Marketing Manager