Electricity Club's competitive commissions and professional affiliate management make it an ideal partner for your affiliate site. Since 2011, we've managed the promo codes of major electricity brands who have millions of customers in deregulated energy states that service over 70% of the U.S. population. Our promo codes include discounts on 100% renewable energy plans for homes and apartments. We are truly unique in the home energy market and maintain a pristine compliance record. Chariot Energy is a subsidiary of a Fortune 300 company, and is a major generator of solar power in the U.S. The company offers 100% SOLAR ENERGY residential plans that DON'T require expensive rooftop solar panels, and consumers can enroll at prices that are lower than most fossil-sourced energy plans! Customers can save money and protect the planet. Plans are available for various term lengths, including 12 and 24-month plans. Chariot offers easy-to-understand plans and transparent pricing, and they have top-notch operator service available at a toll-free number. The de-regulated electricity market size is extraordinary. In Texas alone, there are over 8 million residential meters, and Electricity Club's brands have the largest combined affiliate footprint in the market. Electricity Club realizes exceptional click-to-purchase conversion ratios of 15 to 25% due to its low prices, optimized content writing and continuous monitoring of promo codes to ensure validity. We also provide a high level of responsiveness to user comments. We look forward to a profitable future together!