Although there are more cats in the US than dogs, the pet supply market for felines is underfunded. Basepaws offers the very first Cat DNA Kit that helps cat owners learn about their pet's ancestry, health, and habits. By learning these factors, pet owners can be proactive to prevent health issues and minimize risks present in their furry friend's genetics. The brand also just launched test kits for dogs as well! Now, understand your pup on an even deeper level with the most scientifically advanced dog DNA test that includes: expansive health insights with over 280 genetic health markers, detailed breed breakdown, and physical traits overview. This is all done with just a bit of DNA, collected at home - it's really that simple! Learn more about how it works.

All lab results are evaluated by an accredited, LA-based Basepaws laboratory, and are handled by our scientists. We also partner with veterinarians and researchers around the world with the goal of eliminating preventable diseases with every sample that is added to our database.

You may have seen us on ABC's Shark Tank where hosts Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec chose to invest in Basepaws! We've also been featured in Glamour, Forbes and The Dodo!

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