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Why Join

Our affiliate program at Tantaly offers an exciting opportunity for everyone to become part of our team. As a partner, you can promote Tantaly and earn commissions from every sale made through your affiliate link. Apply today to join the program and start monetizing your influence while sharing the joy of Tantaly with others!

  • 10%

    Lucrative commissions starting at 10%, ensuring you're rewarded for your efforts

  • 80%

    High average order values of over $350, meaning more earnings per sale

  • 100%

    Cookie Duration up to 30 days

  • 100%

    100% support and communication from the Tantaly Affiliate Marketing team


Commission Reward System:

Base Commission for Affiliates: 10%.

Newbie Bonus: Earn 20% on your first three orders.

Monthly Bonus: Your commission rate will be 12% when your Net Sales in the Current Month Between or Equal to $5,000 and $10,000; your commission rate will be 14% when your Net Sales in the Current Month Greater than $10,000.

Landing Pages:

If you are interested, contact us at now and join our program!