Eusoh is NOT pet insurance.
It's much better.

Affiliate payout:
$80 per community member.

What is it?
Eusoh is a community pet health plan

What does Eusoh cover?
Accidents, illness, wellness, and routine care expenses + televet.

How much is Eusoh?
It's a $65/max per month

What's in the monthly price?
It's a $17 per month subscription + $48 per month for care expenses = $65

What's so special about Eusoh?
1. Eusoh is the most comprehensive pet health plan at the most affordable price.
2. Eusoh price won't double or triple in price as pets get older.

Where is Eusoh available?
Eusoh is available in the United States with the exception of the states of Kentucky and Washington. 

Does Eusoh have support for affiliates?
Yes. Contact Joe for help with creatives or support.

What kind of creatives are available?
The Eusoh team can help with banners, copy, whitepapers, and even landing pages.

What's Eusoh's website?

Is there an FAQ?