Welcome to our affiliate program - we use ShareASale as our Affiliate Management Platform. Please read through the following for more information about our program. Transcribe (by Wreally) is a web application that helps journalists, lawyers, doctors, podcasters and students convert their audio and video recordings into editable text: 1. Automatically in less time than the duration of their recordings or 2. Semi-automatically using our power-editor and player, which is still 2x faster than using just a media player and word processor. We offer users a 7-day free trial, following which they can either choose the self-transcription plan ($20/yr) or the automatic transcription plan ($20/yr + $6/hr). Users can also choose to purchase group licenses for multiple users with centralized billing and user management. As our affiliate partner, you will make 40% of the first transaction as your commission for both individual and group licenses. So you could make as large of a commission as the size of the group or number of users you refer. Please refer to ShareASale's documentation on how to register as an affiliate, get your unique affiliate/referral link to share with your audience, how to get paid, etc. Please note: We do not allow coupon or deal aggregator sites.