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Eyelash Growth Serum:
Natural eyelash growth that gives you Longer, Fuller Eyelashes! Safe, Effective & used by thousands worldwide. BIOLUMA’s advanced growth formula contains a variety of herbs and antioxidants that safely nourish, regenerate and increase the growth of eyelashes. BIOLUMA is the WORLD’S TOP Eyelash Growth Serum that grows LONGER, THICKER EYELASHES NATURALLY. Specially formulated with plant extracts for SAFE & EFFECTIVE results. BIOLUMA works naturally and is trusted by thousands worldwide. Fragrance-FREE, Chemical-FREE, Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic, NOT Tested on Animals, Natural plant extracts ( Safe & Effective).

Sculpting Gel Cream:
BIOLUMA Sculpting Gel Cream contains advanced proprietary blend of extracts, that heat up when applied and increase blood circulation. It helps to increase and maintain high metabolic efficiency. BIOLUMA Slimming Gel Cream has been proven to shred stubborn fat. The blend of natural ingredients heat up once applied to the targeted area. This heat helps break down stubborn fat stored and the prolonged heat a increases blood circulation that helps maintain your metabolic rate and restore skin elasticity. No more loose hanging skin and cellulite! The natural ingredients in BIOLUMA sculpting cream helps firm up your skin and increases skin elasticity. Anti-cellulite properties, tighten and tone the skin texture to help you feel great in your own skin.

Natural Ingredients
No Side Effects
Quick Results
Easy to Apply
Reasonably Priced
60-day Return Policy