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When Fin Fun’s founder crafted a mermaid tail for her granddaughter, who wished to swim like a mermaid, a unique company was born. From that day onward, Fin Fun’s mission has been to provide quality products that promote creativity and active play in a safe and fun way for kids and adults of all ages.

Fin Fun’s original fabric mermaid tail and patented monofin have multiple safety features that ensure both peace of mind and comfort while swimming. In fact, Fin Fun’s exclusive patented monofin is the most comfortable, safe, and realistic mermaid monofin in the world! Because all products are designed with a safety-first philosophy, our monofin can be removed quickly and easily with just a light tug and a kick. Unlike heavier silicone mermaid tails, Fin Fun’s fabric tails made of premium swimsuit material are lightweight, easy to care for, and stretch with the body’s movements. Our unique 90-Day Tail Tip Warranty provides assurance that the tips won’t fray or tear when they make contact with the ground or bottom of the pool.

With customers all over the world, aspiring mermaids have come to rely on Fin Fun as their source for innovative patterns and designs. And thanks to numerous awards and recognitions from prominent organizations including National Parenting Center, National Small Business of the Month, and Inc. 500, Fin Fun has established itself as the premier destination for fabric mermaid tails the world over.

Fin Fun continues to be a family-run business and is both active in the local community and partners with national charitable organizations. Every product is carefully crafted and selected with the intention of bringing joy and happiness because ultimately…

We Believe Everyone Deserves To Dream.

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Fin Fun provides a 5% commission on most affiliate sales. Exceptions apply for coupon-sites and sites focused purely on providing discounts.  See the Program Agreement for full details.