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Who We Are

Repixel is a marketplace that connects non-competitive companies in the same industry and lets them easily retarget each other's websites & apps.

Retargeting is a popular form of digital marketing where advertisers tag users that have visited their website or app so they can serve them ads later. For example, have you ever noticed that when you put a pair of shoes in your Shopping Cart, but you decide not to purchase them, for the next couple of weeks (or even months), you’ll start seeing a noticeable surge in the number of online advertisements you’re seeing for those shoes? That's retargeting at work.

With traditional retargeting, businesses & advertisers work in silos. If one company owns a website that sells wine accessories (e.g. corkscrews and aerators), and another company owns a website that sells wine online, those website owners are only able to retarget visitors to *their own* websites & apps. Now, with the’s marketplace, advertisers will, for the first time ever, be able to retarget *someone else's* websites & apps leading to a whole new world of cross-marketing opportunity.

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Why Partner With

  1. Retarget thousands of web properties to your own website, or as many other as you'd like.
  2. With, you'll have the added reach you've always wanted, without compromising on acquisition costs.
  3. Use Repixel to make some noise in the market so when people think about your industry, they think about YOU.

Program Details

Commission Rate: 15%
Affiliates responsible for both buyer & seller will receive 30%. Commission increases available, contact us for details.
Cookie Duration: 60 Days
Terms: TM & TM + keyword are allowed. Please refer to our T's&C's, or email us for more information.
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