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About Lifetones
A Phytotherapist by trade, Vincent Tones believes that almost all discomfort is either caused by uric acid, or amplified by it. This includes joint and muscle discomfort, vitamin deficiencies, immunity issues, lack of energy and much more. When uric acid levels rise, needle-like crystals form in the joints and muscles and grind away with every movement. Vincent set out to formulate a natural product that could support healthy acid levels and replenish key minerals... and that is exactly what he did.

Why People Try Lifetones? - Fast relief - liquid extracts work better and faster than pills or powders - Cleanse uric acid - take two to three doses daily to melt acid crystals - Easy to use - every bottle comes with a measuring spoon - No sugar or cherry - suitable for those watching their sugar levels - Just 7 natural herbs - Lifetones is 100% vegan-friendly - Great tasting - has a very mild natural celery flavor - It works - over 1.2 million bottles sold worldwide - One-time purchase - we don't do subscriptions or auto-billing - 100% satisfaction guarantee - love it or your money back.

The Lifetones product converts at a consistent 3-5% on a daily basis on their Shopify store. This is a very high quality product backed by science and doctors. The target age for this product is 55-70.

We run a variety of different promotions and offerings depending on the time of year. Expect to have content updated consistently.
Program Features
15% commission for all affiliates
Bonuses and special promotional codes for affiliates
3 product options
High conversion rate
90 day tracking cookie!
Automatic monthly payouts
Live Datafeed
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