Lumen Tactical, LLC dba Longhorn Tactical ( We carry a variety premium brands of flashlights, headlamps and accessories such as battery and chargers such as NITECORE, Fenix, Olight etc. For over 10 years, we have been a leading seller of LED flashlight industry with many award-winning flashlights in our line-up. With products spanning several markets including outdoor sports, hunting, military and tactical, industrial and home improvement, we are product to offer innovative and durable high performance products at a price-point that surpasses the competition. Our affiliate program is an excellent fit for anyone within the outdoor sports, hunting, military and home improvement space. We offer a 5% commission for coupon and code distribution affiliates, and 10% commission for content affiliates once they are approved; average sales for Longhorn Tactical are around $50-$90. We also provide full product support including a data feed of our active listings and banner creatives. We're also happy to help you craft content or just learn more about our products.