Who is Mizu Towel?

We're dedicated to offering the softest, bacterial fighting towels money can buy. Mizu Towel is a self-cleaning & impurity-sensing smart textile made of pure silver, Xinjiang cotton, smart-dyes, designed to keep people clean and safe.  

The Advantages for Publishers: 
-AOV: 150 USD
-45-days Cookies
-Global brand fame
-Confirmation percent more than 90%
-15% commission per conversion order
-Monthly & Weekly Incentive campaign

The Advantages for Customers: 
-Over 40% OFF
-Raised over $475K on INDIEGOGO
-30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 
-Free shipping on all orders over $100 
-More than 20 payment methods
-Support currency: USD, GBP, EUR, CAD

CONTACT US: affiliates@mizutowel.com