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More than ever people want to see who is tracking them and where their personal information goes. TrackOFF is an app for Windows and MacOS users of all technical levels that detects and protects against the newest tracking threats.

TrackOFF’s Affiliate Program Highlights

  • Earn up to 40% commission on sales
  • $14 average commission
  • 90-day cookie duration
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TrackOFF Software Features

  • Patented technology protects user’s online identity
  • Excellent reviews from PC Magazine and featured in WSJ
  • Standalone application compatible with major web browsers
  • Won’t negatively impact browsing experience or slow PC
  • Will not interfere with antivirus applications

Why YOU should sign up!

  • Optimized marketing collateral to drive sales
  • Healthy commission and potential to become VIP affiliate
  • Good vibes from helping users fed up with being exploited

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TrackOFF is a Baltimore-based startup with a team that is obsessed with data privacy. Their mission is to empower people to reclaim control of their data.

Help us put tools in the hands of people to protect themselves from having their personal information exploited and earn big bucks along the way. We really appreciate your consideration.

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