Alexandre de Paris has a unique positioning in the hair accessories market: • premium: the luxury Made in France, all our products are made in France, • leader: our products are distributed in 30 countries • precursor: for 50 years Program of membership Alexandre De Paris US 1/. Activity of your website Sale of hair accessories (hair clips, combs, hair pins, hair barrettes) top of the range Alexandre of Paris. 2/. Objectives of the program, the animation and available elements The objectives are to increase the fame and the conversion rate on our website. 3/. Key figures and notable information (average basket, seasonality, flagship products, target, etc.) Our product offer: The keys to success (The average basket is 200€). With two collections per year that renew nearly 600 references, we define ourselves as the only brand of fashion accessories for hair. Our Timeless and Vendôme lines have an accessible luxury positioning that makes them bestsellers in all our points of sale. With this positioning Alexandre de Paris is in the «sweet pot» of Accessoires Mode de Luxe. 4/. Society (history, values, brands, etc.) Born in Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera, Alexandre invented the Haute Coiffure. For more than 30 years, he imagined unique hairstyles for crowned heads and aristocracy, Hollywood actresses and Haute Couture parades. In 1971, he designed his first line of accessories with the iconic Peigne Vendôme. The logo of a Sphinx is a creation by Jean Cocteau, a renowned French writer and artist, in tribute to the legendary discretion of his friend Alexander. The creations Alexandre de Paris express elegance to the French: this incredible sense of detail, this subtle touch of sophistication for a crazy look. Twice a year, the internal design studio designs a new Alexandre de Paris collection, consisting of original creations, exceptional pieces or modern relectures of timeless models. Each product is handcrafted in our workshops by an exceptional team of talented artisans. They master techniques as varied as cutting, curving and polishing acetate, incrustation of crystals, sewing of leather… 5/. Remuneration tailored to your profile. Bidding on TM which is clearly forbidden in our terms.