Kabook! (www.mykabook.com) is the world's most advanced, patent-pending technology platform creating customized children’s books with personalized photographs and text inputs. Our stories are written by top children's book authors and illustrated by leading artists – but with your photos digitally converted to integrate with the illustrations, and your customized text (child’s name, stuffed animal’s name, etc.), YOUR child becomes the hero of the story! We are reinventing the nightly reading experience for children and parents – making it more personal and more powerful – to entrench a love of reading in children and strengthen the parent/child bonding opportunity.

We were recently endorsed by People Magazine as a top ten Perfect Holiday Gift for 2018, so all of our affiliate partners are promoting a quickly-beloved, wholesome product that will reinforce your individual influencer brands!

We are offering a 12% commission to our affiliate partners, with double commission through the first quarter of 2019! Our books are $25 for soft cover and $35 for hard cover. Our best sellers are a baby gift book, a wonderful medieval adventure for 2-6 year olds, and a Christmas story for 2-6 year olds.