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Asian Targeted Affiliate Program

Target Market: Asian | Avg Order Value: $65 | Commission: 20% per sale

We at Sunset offer the perfect Asian affiliate program to monetise your Asian audience. Whether you have an Asian targeted website, email list or social media following, our experts will work with you closely to tailor a campaign that suits the specific needs of your audience.

As you probably know, the key to monetising any kind of traffic is to offer something of value that is relevant to a large proportion of your audience. This results in a them being less disturbed by your advertising and increases the chances of engagement and conversions.

Our product solves an embarrassing problem experienced by approximately 50% of Asian people worldwide. This problem is called “asian flush” or “alcohol flush reaction” and causes the person to get a bright red face when they drink alcohol.

Our surveys indicate that people with this problem find it very embarrassing. Finding a solution not only means they can enjoy alcohol in public, but also allows them to live the kind of unrestricted social life that they have probably been envious of their entire life.

Statistically, about 50% of your Asian traffic will have this embarrassing problem, thus any information about it will be highly engaging and value adding for them. They may even thank you for pointing them to something that changed their life for the better.

Whether you direct traffic to one of the many informative articles on our site, or directly to our product page, we have an independent third party track this traffic and reward you with an instant commission for any sales that eventuate.

Monetising Asian Website Traffic

The key to converting your Asian website traffic into revenue is a combination of intelligent ad placement and informative keyword rich content.

Our graphic designers will custom design ad graphics to fit the theme and feel of your website and can provide expert guidance on the most efficient place to show them on your site.

We can also arrange for unique articles to be written for your website or blog that provide value adding information for your readers.

Monetising Asian Social Media Followings

Our social media team can provide you with expert tips and tricks on how to best monetise your Asian social media following without appearing like you are trying to sell them something.

Spamming news feeds with product advertising is a guaranteed way to lose followers. Instead, our team will show you a proven method of generating commissions by linking to one of our many informative articles that provide the reader with valuable content, rather than urging them to buy something at the outset.

We can also assist you with a set of high-converting headlines proven to catch the attention of the reader and encourage them to click through on your social media posts.

Monetising Asian Email Lists

When it comes to emails, it all comes down to effective copy-writing. Whether you want a custom email for your list or a proven template with a history of high click-through rates, our writers are at your disposal.

Similar to social media followings, newsletter subscribers prefer informative content over straight product advertising. We have a over 20 value adding emails ready to send to your lists so you can begin earning sales commissions without having to lift a finger.

Monetising Asian YouTube & Live Stream Followers

To hammer the point home, the key to engaging your listeners is to provide them with value adding information that they actually want to hear. If you have a predominantly Asian listener base, you can be confident that approximately 50% of your audience will find information about Alcohol flush reaction informative and engaging.

In this regard, our marketing team can provide you with video transcripts that provide Asian flush facts and tips with a proven record of listener engagement. We can also ship you samples of the product to conduct a product review or for the purposes of a free giveaway to your listeners.

Have a new and innovative audience, marketing channel or source?

We are always looking to work with affiliates in new and innovative spaces. Provide a thorough summary of your operation when applying for our affiliate program, and we'll move mountains to make sure you have every resource you could need to successfully promote Sunset.

All of the services mentioned above are available to our affiliates at no cost. We operate with the philosophy that your success is our success. To this end, we will use every resource at our disposal to ensure that your affiliate campaign achieves its goals.

Affiliate Program Details

Sunset Bottle

Average order value: $65

Commission: 20%

Tracking: 60 days

Sunset solves an alcohol related problem called "Asian Flush" or "Alcohol Flush Reaction" that causes the affected individual to suffer a red face and other unpleasant symptoms when they consume alcohol.

Highly sought after by Asian consumers, Sunset has helped hundreds of site owners boost conversions from Asian traffic sources by providing a highly targeted product offering for their Asian audience.

If you have a predominantly Asian audience, half of your audience will likely suffer from this embarrassing problem. Sunset is the solution they have probably always wanted but never knew existed.

If you want to convert your Asian traffic into sales, sign up below and begin earning commissions today!