American Family Safety offers emergency preparedness products and kits for the home, car, school and office (including for pets) this can include safety kits, first-aid kits, emergency food, blankets, flashlights and water supplies. Everything a family would need to protect themselves in a disaster situation.

The 72 emergency survival kit was built based on the recommendations of the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA and is fully customizable. In addition to these products, AFS also provides a library with updated articles, tips and resource guides which will help families deal with emergencies.

We are offering an 7% commission. To date, average order size has been around $150.00. It's the sort of thing everyone needs and can use, but doesn't think about purchasing. Check out our product list...your consumers can buy everything from a full safety kit to flashlights and food rations.

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Every home, office, car and school can use these affordable kits.

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