Company Overview

Clearbanc, founded in 2015, is a YC, Social Capital and Emergence Capital backed fintech company providing non-dilutive financing for high-growth eCommerce businesses. Clearbanc focuses on growing eCommerce businesses who acquire customers through scalable online channels like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Clearbanc customers often increase their ad spend and revenue by 4-5X after 6 months of working together!

Clearbanc provides ad spend capital at a flat fee and repayment is made as a percentage of gross revenue! - No terms! No compounding interest rates!

The Clearbanc Affiliate Program is designed for influencers, affiliates and thought leaders in the eCommerce space.

Program Highlights

• Easy to join! It costs nothing to become an affiliate partner
• Commission: Earn $300 flat fee on the referral of each funded client

Ready to partner with the top eCommerce financing provider? Join the Clearbanc Affiliate Program today!