TPN was developed to save numerous hours of time and significantly increase revenue for facilities specializing in Improving health and quality of life for their members and clients. accomplishes this by providing individually tailored cardiovascular programs, nutrition breakdowns including hundreds of meals developed in seconds, and hundreds of resistance training options from which to choose. This revolutionary new platform can accommodate all three fitness components for the most deconditioned cardiac rehabilitation patient to the most elite athlete.

The Tpn Body Perfect platform provides cardiovascular, nutrition, and resistance training options that include muscle gain, bodybuilding and figure contest preparation, active weight loss, general weight loss, weight maintenance as goals are reached, and custom programs that allow the user to select percentages of macronutrients desired; as well as resistance exercises with sets and repetitions determined by the user. Our platform's goal is to help design and develop comprehensive programs for clients. TPN is not necessarily telling anyone how to accomplish goals, but rather providing a tremendously valuable tool that reduces program development from hours to minutes.

All facilities would love to provide tailored cardiovascular, nutrition with hundreds of meal plans, and resistance training options in a structured format if time permits. The cardiovascular programs are based on ACSM Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription. The nutrition module has excellent features. The user may eliminate a food or categories of food to accommodate any nutritional needs, desires, or conditions with the ability to produce vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. The meal plans can be edited by refreshing an item in a meal plan.

The features and ability of to customize and tailor all aspects of fitness to all the needs of each individual client provide unparalleled benefits to clients and members. This fact dramatically improves members' satisfaction and facility revenue through excellent technology. Visit today to browse our blog, acquire more information, contact us, become an affiliate, or most importantly take advantage of our two-week free trial membership today.