is innovative nutritional software to increase health facility revenue and membership satisfaction through excellent features, results, time efficiency, and customizable programs. Cardio and nutrition programs produced in minutes.


What Makes TPN Exceptional?

Other programs that do not work well prescribe excessive carbohydrates. For twenty years with great results, forty percent carbohydrates has been used for weight gain. This is the lowest percent carbohydrates used by other programs. With forty to sixty percent carbs, clients engage in poor, ineffective diet programs. For example if a man wants to reach a goal of two hundred pounds, he is prescribed between 260 to 390 grams of carbs per day in a weight loss attempt. This is excessive, ineffective, and ridiculous.

TPN uses the appropriate amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and sodium for efficient, healthy programs to reach exact nutrition goals and maintain them. The programs use nutrient percentages, caloric intake, caloric expenditure, glycemic index, and insulin response for maximum results. Glycemic index is a tool for well designed nutrition, but not the entire story. A baked white potato has a higher glycemic index than french fries. The fat and salt of the french fries slow movement through the digestive tract making it lower on the glycemic index scale, but the choice is obvious. The insulin response is far greater for the fries. Management of all these parameters is the key to tailored, precise results and the ability to maintain them.


After developing nutrition programs for over twenty years serving many different clients and using many different types of software with frustration, we developed Tailored Precision Nutrition. Tailored Precision Nutrition has excellent software features.

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