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At Petagious, we know that the physical presence of a pet can never be replaced, but also understand that when photographs are not enough to honor your pet’s memory.
Petagious offers a new product on the market, our handmade Petagious Replica and Petagious Best Friend. They are custom stuffed animals that can help fill the missing void that so many have.
The Petagious Replica is a life-like custom stuffed animal that is created from several photos and 3D imaging. They are filled with premium fill latex. Custom made noses and eyes. The retail price starts at $275.99.
The Petagious Best Friend was made keeping children in mind. They have a friendlier and inviting presence for customers that are look for a more tradition stuffed animal look. The retail price starts at $129.99
More information regarding our policies, production time, and product information can be found on our website at http://www.petagious.com.
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