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Do you run a website dedicated to photography or videography? Then the BorrowLenses Affiliate program may just be for you!

5 Reasons to become a BorrowLenses Affiliate
  • Rental commissions up to 10% – Commissions from leading camera retailers often cap out at just 2%
  • Average order size is over $150
  • More time to reap benefits - With a 30 day cookie window, you can earn money from individuals earlier in the buying cycle. Some leading affiliate programs only give commissions if users ad products to their carts in a matter of hours.
  • Supplement your current affiliate efforts - BorrowLenses rental affiliate program can run alongside your current affiliate relationships for purchasing gear.
  • Greater choices for your fans - Not everyone is ready to spend thousands on camera gear. Renting with BorrowLenses gives your audience an affordable way to get their hands on the latest photo and video equipment.

As a leader in photo & video rentals, we deliver the gear creative professionals need to bring their projects to life shipped anywhere in the USA. Whether you're reviewing the latest camera or talking about how to get the perfect shot, our rentals are a perfect complement.

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