Baby Doppler ( is the fastest growing distributor brand of premium Baby Monitoring and Babycare IoT Products in North America. We are rapidly expanding into UK, Russia, China, Japan, South East Asia, India and South America. The baby monitoring market is anticipating a compounding annual growth rate between 9-10% and therefore represents a tremendous opportunity for all of us with the same shared audiences. We carry an extensive range of products that are carefully designed to help parents better tune in on their precious little ones such as baby heartbeat monitors, continuous monitoring wearable thermometers, smart fertility trackers (blue tooth ovulation basal thermometers), smart diaper monitors, smart baby scales, instant fever thermometers, pulse oximeters and many more. Due to the fact that these products help parents connect with their child, it also allows affiliates to organically monetize niche online search traffic/audience of new moms. Typically resulting in quick referral fees made through immediate sales within the first couple of days after visiting the affiliate links. After all, which parent doesn't care about their precious little one's well being? Especially during or immediately after pregnancy! Accordingly, we are actively seeking affiliate marketing partners in a synergistic category to join our 10% program that pays! Brand Story: Baby Doppler is a result of Maria's vision and idea inspired by her own personal life. In 2010, when she and her husband began trying to conceive for the first time, due to unfortunate circumstances it resulted in a miscarriage and they were devastated. The second time there were issues with the Pregnancy and at 8 and a half months pregnant, Maria demanded an ultrasound to confirm the health of the baby. It turned out that the baby's heartbeat wasn't strong. Had she not listened to her motherly instincts the baby may not have made it. Thankfully she gave birth to a healthy baby. This incident gave birth to Baby Doppler. Maria and her husband decided to promote the use of baby heartbeat monitors and other pregnancy products to all expecting parents so that no one must go through their experience. Through Baby Doppler they not only promote and sell baby heartbeat monitors and other pregnancy products but also educate expecting parents about the right use of baby heartbeat monitors. Program Details: 10% Cash Per Sale in USD with 30 day tracking gap